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本文摘要:2.Kate realized her bag was still at home. 凯特意识到她的包还在家。


2.Kate realized her bag was still at home. 凯特意识到她的包还在家。【剖析】realize v 意识到⑴ realize + n she didn’t realize her mistake.⑵ realize +从句 I didn’t realize that you were so unhappy.3. Robert Allen is now over 50 , but he was a school pupil at that time.罗柏特。艾伦现在已经50多岁了,但那时候他还只是一名小学生。

【剖析】 over= more than 凌驾【2011连云港1】5.—Can I join Oxfam Trailwalker? —Only if you are _____ eighteen. A. over B. on C. under D. below【2013安徽1】65. Mrs. King put a coat_____ the sleeping girl to keep her warm. A. over B. with C. behind D. beside4. When the school basketball competition started, Kate was still making her way to school. 当学校篮球角逐开始的时候,凯特还在去学校的路上。【剖析】 make one’s way to … 在某人去……的路上(当后接所在副词时,应省略介词to)( ) I’ll make my way ___ home now. A. to B. / C. at D. on5.Our teacher said, “ Dr. King died just 10 minutes ago. 我们的老师说:“金先生10分钟前去世了”【剖析】一段时间+ ago 之前,用于一般已往时【重庆市2013】33. —Who is the little girl in the picture? —It’s me. The picture ________ 10 years ago.A. took B. is taken C. has taken D. was taken【2013山东滨州】I know a little about Thailand, as I _____ there three years ago. A. have been B. have gone C. will go D. went6. We were completely surprised! 我们完全震惊了!【剖析】complete v 完成 adj. 完整的 →completely 彻底地;完全地【2013新疆】Physical exercise makes you tired but completely relaxed.① I ____________( complete) believe in you now. I think you are honest in the matter.② They ____________(complete) building the bridge late next year.7.My parents did not talk after that , and we finished the rest of our dinner in silence.之后我的怙恃没再讲话,我们在缄默沉静中吃完了晚饭。【剖析】 the rest of … “其余的,剩下的” ,做主语时,其谓语动词的数要与the rest of 修饰的名词一致。

The rest of meat goes bad. The rest of workers are still working hard.School closed for the day, and Robert and his friends walked home in silence.学校停课一天,罗柏特和他的朋侪们缄默沉静地走回了家。【剖析】silence n 缄默沉静 → silent 缄默沉静;默然;无声 in silence 缄默沉静地、无声地 = silently keep silent 保持缄默沉静【2012山东烟台】When he heard the bad news, Robert walked home together with his friends ____________. (缄默沉静地)( ) We should keep ____ in the library. A. silence B. silently C. silences( ) They stood ____ as a mark of honor to her. A. in silent B. in silence C. silence9. More recently , most Americans remember what they were doing when the World Trade Center in New York was taken down by terrorists. 最近,大部门美国人还记恰当纽约世贸大楼被恐怖分子袭击的时候自己在做什么。【剖析1】remember to do sth与remember doing sth的用法区别。

  ⑴remember to do sth记得去做某事(此事还未做)Remember to turn off the light when you leave the room. 当你脱离房间的时候记得关灯。  ⑵remember doing sth记得做过某事(此事已做完)I remember turning off the light when I left the room.我记得脱离房间时关灯了。【剖析2】take down 拆掉;拆毁【剖析3】terror n 恐怖 → terrorist 恐怖分子be full of terror充满恐怖 【拓展】 art n 艺术→ artist n艺术家 science n 科学→ scientist 科学家 piano n 钢琴 →pianist n 钢琴家( ) — Did you watch the TV news? The whole event was full of ____. — Yes, I did . Those ____ were all caught by the police at last. A. terror; terrorist B. terrorist; terrors C. terror; terrorists D. terrors; terrorists10. I was so scared that I could hardly think clearly after that.我很畏惧以至于厥后我险些无法正常思考。

【剖析】hardly 险些不; 绝不【2011四川德阳】19. Speak aloud, please! I can _____ hear you. A. almost B. hardly C. usually【2012.安徽省】Mike hurt his back seriously and can_____ get out of bed without help. A. quickly B. easily C. nearly D. hardly【2012广东】30.— Did you go to the cinema to see 3D Titanic last night? —No, I______ go to the cinema. The tickets are too expensive. A. hardly B. nearly C. still D. Only【2012·湖北·荆州】22. — How often do you exercise? — ______ ever. Because I am very busy with my work.A. Hardly B. Nearly C. Always D. Almost【2013临沂】24. David was so excited at the good news that he could ______ say a word. A. nearly B. hard C. ever D. hardly11.Robert and his friends were surprised to hear the news. 罗柏特和他的朋侪们听到这则消息感应很受惊。【剖析1】be surprised to do sth 做某事很受惊【拓展】surprise v 使受惊→surprising adj. 令人受惊的 →surprised adj. 受惊的 to one’s surprise 使某人受惊的是 in surprise 受惊地be surprised at 对……感应受惊①__________________(使我受惊的是),he got the first prize in the exam.②We are ____________at the _____________news.(surprise)( ) ③ ___his surprise, she succeeded in climbing up the high mountain.A. At B. To C. In D. On【2011昭通】 I was very surprised when the alien went into a souvenir shop. A. excited B. amazing C. relaxing D. amazed【2012贵州贵阳】 “Henry, you _____ tell the teacher if you want to go out of the classroom.” “Sorry, sir.” A. are supposed to B. are surprised to C. are afraid to【2012山东·东营市4】 The fans were _____to know the death of their favorite singing star Whitney Huston. A. glad B. angry C. excited D. surprised【剖析2】hear的用法 hear意为“听见”,强调听的效果。【结构】:hear sb. do sth听见某人做某事; hear sb. doing sth听见某人正在做某事We can often hear some children play on the playground.我们经常能听见一些孩子在操场上玩耍。

I heard my sister singing an English song in her room when I came back.当我回来时,我听见我的姐姐正在她的房间里唱一支英文歌。hear也有“听说”之意,这时后接that引导的宾语从句。

①hear about意为“听说”,相当于hear of,后面接词或短语。I have heard about/of the story before. 我以前就听说过这个故事。②hear from意为“收到.......的来信;有.......的消息”,=get/receive a letter from.I haven’t heard from my mother for months.我已经好几个月没有收到我妈妈的来信了。

Kate didn’t think her friend was telling the truth about the event. 凯特认为对于这次事件她朋侪没有说出真相。【剖析】true adj. 真的 → truly adv. 真地 →truth 实情;事实to be truth n. 真相honest = to tell (you) the truth老实说;说实话【2013甘肃兰州】94. To tell the ________ (true), I don’t like the drinks in that café.( ) — Is it ____ that he missed the bus? — No, he didn’t tell the _____ . He was late because he got up late. A. true; truth B. real ; truth C. true; reality D. real; reality13. I had trouble thinking clearly after that because I was very afraid.厥后由于畏惧我无法清晰地思考。

【剖析】trouble n 难题; 苦恼; 忧虑⑴in trouble 处于逆境中 get sb. into trouble 使某人陷入逆境⑵What's the trouble with you ?= What’s the matter with you ?= Wha’t wrong with you ?你怎么啦?⑶have trouble (in)doing sth 做某事有贫苦◆have problem /difficulty/fun (in) doing sth 做某事有问题/难题/兴趣( ) ① I had trouble ____ my homework. A. to finish B. finishing C. finishes D. finish( ) ② – Mr. Wang , I have trouble ___ the text. --Remember ____ it three times at least.A. to understand; reading B. understanding; reading C. understanding; to read D. to understand; to readUnit6 An old man tried to move the mountains.二.语法难点1.unless引导条件状语从句 unless = if … not “除非,若不” They will go tomorrow unless it rains.= They will go tomorrow if it doesn’t rains.as soon as引导时间状语从句。“一……就” He will come and see you as soon as he can.3. so.......that引导效果状语从句句型1“主语+谓语+so+形容词/副词+that从句”The wind was so strong that we could hardly move forward.句型2: so +形容词 + a/an + 单数名词 + that从句 It was so hot a day that they all went swimming.句型3. so + many/ few + 复数名词 + that从句 He has so few friends that he often feels lonely.句型4: so +much/ little + 不行数名词 + that 从句 I had so little money that I couldn’t buy a pen.三.知识点解说与训练How does the story begin? 故事是怎么发生的?【剖析】begin → began → begun v 开始→ beginning n 开始 at the beginning of 在……开始【拓展】begin to do sth/ doing sth 开始做某事Li Yundi ______________(begin) to play the piano at the age of 4.2. A man told yu Gong that he could never do it.一小我私家告诉愚公他绝不行能把山移走。【剖析1】tell sb. that 告诉某人【辨析】speak/talk/say/tell(1) 说某种语言用speak speak English 说英语(2) 与某人攀谈用talk talk with sb.= talk to sb. 与某人攀谈(3) 强调说话内容用say say it in English 用英语说(4) 告诉某人用tell tell sb. to do sth 告诉某人做某事【记】He wants to improve his __________ English, by ________English with native ____________.(speak)say“讲,说”,强调说话内容。

Say it in Chinese please. 请用汉语说。He says that he saw the man yesterday. 他说昨天我瞥见这小我私家了。say+ 说话内容say to sb.It is said that... “听说”。

It is said that he could stay under the water for a long time. 听说他能呆在水里很长时间。▲ speak vt,“说”“讲”,其宾语常是某种语言。speak French说法语;speak+ 语言 speak to sb. May I speak to Tom?▲talk“讲、谈论,谈话”是不及物动词, talk to/ with sb. about sth.(1)talk about/of 谈论…… (2)talk to / with 和…攀谈 give a talk做陈诉 (talk n.陈诉) have a talk听陈诉They are talking about the film. 他们正谈论这部影戏。The teacher is talking with Mike. 老师正和迈克谈话。

▲tell“告诉,对…说”.作及物动词,tell the truth 说真话 tell a lie说谎tell the time “报时“ tell a story讲故事tell sb. sth./ tell sth. to sb. tell me a storytell sb. to do sth.My mother tells me to buy some fruit.tell : 分辨,说出区别 tell A from Btell the differences between A and Bspeak强调开口说话、讲话的行动,后跟某种语言做宾语时是及物动词talk强调双方说话,为vi ,后需接介词再加宾语 talk to / with/aboutsay强调说话内容tell接双宾语 tell sb. about sth/ tell sb. to do sth. /tell sb. sth【剖析2】never 从不;绝不【2011四川乐山1】 –Do you often go fishing with your father? –No, _______. I don’t like fishing at all. A. never B. always C. usually【2011山东滨州2】 – Do you often go to the gym? – No, ________. I don’t like sports at all. A. always B. never C. sometimes D. usually【2012山东济南3】—Have you ever been to Disneyland? —No, ______.I hope I can go there next year. A. always B. sometimes C. never D. often【2013阜康4】Western people ____ use Mr. or Mars before their given names. A. always B. often C. sometimes D. neverA man saw Yu Gong and his (children/family) when they were working on moving the mountains.一小我私家看到愚公和他的(孩子们/ 家人)的时候,他们正在努力地移山。【剖析】work on 忙于; 从事【2011湖南邵阳】— Could I borrow your computer, Bob? — Sorry, I am _______it.A. taking out B. turning on C. working on【拓展】work 短语总结:work on 从事He is working on a new novel.work for 为……做事Would you like to work for the company?work as 作为……事情My sister worked as an actress.work out 解决;算出I worked out the math problem.( ) The builders are working ____ building a great building although it’s so hot today. A. on B. to C. as D. outAs soon as the man finished ( taking/speaking) , Yu Gong said that his family could continue to move the mountains after he died.这小我私家一(说) 完, 愚公就说他死后,他的子子孙孙还可以继续移山。【剖析1】as soon as 一……就……(引导时间状语从句,从句用一般现在时,主句用一般未来时)【2013重庆4】I’ll go to visit my aunt in England ___the summer holidays start. A.while B.since C. until D. as soon as【2013黑龙江2】 Boys and girls, calm down and focus on the test paper _____ you begin to think about the answers. Be confident. You can do it! A. as if B. as soon as C. although【剖析2】 continue doing sth =go on doing sth 继续做某事(前后做同一件事)continue to do sth = go on to do sth 继续做某事(前后不是同一件事)①Let’s continue____________(read) the text.②Many students hope to continue ________ (study) after _______(finish) school.( )③ The two teams continued _____ the game after half an hour. A. play B. to play C. playing D. playedFinally , a god was so moved by Yu Gong that he sent (two/three) gods to take the mountains away.最后,神被愚公的精神感动了,派了(两/三个) 神把山移走了。【剖析】 take away 把……带走【2013湖北宜昌2】36. —What smells terrible? —Sorry, I’ll _______ my shoes and wash them at once. A. put away B. take away C. move away D. get awayThis story reminds us that you can never (know / see) what’s possible unless you try to make it happen.这个故事提醒我们如果你不努力去做就不会(知道/ 瞥见) 什么是可能的。

【剖析1】remind 提醒;使想起【拓展】remind =make sb. remember v 使记着【记】re+ mind → remind(1) remind of 提醒,使记起 (2) remind sb. of sth 使某人记起某事(3) remind sb. to do sth提醒某人去做某事 (4) remind sb. + that从句①Don’t worry, I’ll remind you_________(get )up early.( ) ②Action movies ___me of Jackie Chan, A. remind B. think C. hear D. miss( )③ The story reminds me __an experience I once had. A. of B. to C. with D. for( ) ④This photo reminds me _____ my English teacher, Miss Green. A. to B. of C. in D. From【2012甘肃兰州】I like these photos and they can ___ me ___ the life living in the countryside. A. think; of B. remind ;of C. let; down D. wake; up【剖析2】 unless 如果不,除非【2013江苏连云港1】5. I won't watch basketball matches ________ James is playing. He pays much attention to teamwork. A. unless B. if C. although D. Since【2013浙江绍兴2】—Your aunt often walks a dog in the morning. —Yeah, ____bad weather stops her. A. when B. unless C. because D. since【2013安徽4】The rivers will become dirtier and dirtier ______we take action to protect them.A. since B. if C. until D. unless7. So what do you think about the story of Yu Gong?你们认为愚公移山的故事怎么样?【剖析】What do you think about … ? “你认为……怎么样?” = What do you think of …? = How do you like …? (用来询问对方对某人或某事的看法和看法) What do you think about the new film?短语寄义接代词时位置 think about思量,思考代词放在其后I’ll think about it and call you back soon.think over仔细思考代词放在中间I have to think it over carefully before I make a decision.think of想取 I can’t think of his name right now 【2011曲靖中考】— _____ do you ___ your best friend Gina? — Well, she is smart , outgoing and a good listener. A. How; about B. How; with C. What; like D. What; think of8.Yu Gong found a good way to solve his problem. 愚公找到了一个解决他的问题的好措施。【剖析1】a good way to do sth. 一个做某事的措施( ) She is very clever and she can always think of good ways ___ the problem. A. to solve B. solve C. solving D. solved【剖析2】solve v 解决 → solution n 解决的措施solve 常与problem 搭配,表现“解决问题”,且问题难度大。Can you help me solve the problem?answer 常与question搭配,表现“回覆问题”, 问题难度小。

It’s your turn to answer my question.( ) In class Miss Li asked me to _____ a question. A. solve B. answer C. solving D. answered9.Well, I still don’t agree with you. 嗯,我依然差别意你的看法。【剖析】agree v→ (反)disagree → agreement n同意(1) agree with sb. 同意某人( 表现同意某人或某人的意见、想法) I agree with you.(2) agree on 主要指双方通过协商而取得一致意见或告竣协议We agreed on the price.(3) agree to 主要用来表现一方提出一项建议、摆设、计划等,另一方同意协作。We agreed to their arrange(4) agree to do sth 同意做某事 He agreed to go with us. — Do you agree with him? — No, I ___________ (agree ) with him.( ) ②—I think English is more useful than Chinese. —I don’t ____ you. They are both useful. A. get on with B. catch up with C. talk with D. agree with10. I think we should try to find other ways to solve a problem. 我认为我们应该试着找其他的方法来解决问题。

【剖析】⑴another “ 另一个; 另外的” ,泛指三种或三种以上的另一个。This coat is too small, please show me another one.⑵ others “另一些” , 和some对比使用时,无“其他”之意。Some students are singing ; others are dancing.⑶ the others “其余的” , 指在一个规模内的其他全部。

Lisa is taller than the others in our class.⑷the other “另一个” , 指两者中的另一个。I have two sister, one is a teacher, the other is a doctor.( )① I bought two books in Hong Kong. One is about travel , ____ is about teaching. A. another B. the other C. others.( )② — Oh, the traffic is so heavy. — Let’s change ____ route to the airport. A. other B. the other C. another11.It doesn’t seem very possible to move a mountain.移走一座山看起来似乎是不行能的。【剖析】seem 似乎,似乎⑴ seem to be + adj. (说明主语的特征或状态) Mr. Green seemed to be quite happy.⑵ It seems + that 从句It seems that Mr. Green will not come again .( ) The children seemed _____ eating something in the room. A. be B. been C. to be D. being12.But the story is trying to show us that anything is possible if you work hard! 可是这个故事是想告诉我们只有你努力,凡事皆有可能。【剖析】show 告诉;阐明;展示;给……看【拓展】show → showed → shown v 给……看,出示 / 讲明 【短语】 on display = on show 展览,展出 show sb. around 领导某人观光show off 炫耀 talk show 脱口秀,谈话节目 ( )① Many kinds of new cars were _____ in Nanning on May lst ,2004.A. on show B. on land C. on earth D. on watch( ) ②Do you like flowers ____ display? A. of B. on C. by D. at【2013江苏扬州3】— Who's the most modest boy in your class? — Daniel. He never ________ in public. A. gets off B. takes off C. shows off D. turns off13. But what could Yu Gong do instead of moving the mountains? 可是如果愚公不移山,他能做些什么呢?【剖析】instead of 取代;反而instead 副词,取代, 放在句末(2) instead of +n/doing 取代,而不是,放在句中( ) Health is very important to us. We should eat more vegetables and fruit _____ rich food. A. instead B. instead of C. because of D. because【2011安徽】What a nice day! We should go sightseeing ____ watching TV in the hotel. A. because of B. instead of C. together with. D. out of14. You have different opinions about the story, and neither of you are wrong. 对于这个故事,你们有差别的看法,你们都没有错。

【剖析】neither 两者都不(反)both两者都“neither of +名词复数” 作主语时,谓语动词常用单数形式【2013黑龙江1】Neither of the books ____ interesting . I won’t buy ___ of them. A. is; either B. are ; neither C. is; anyneither… nor … “既不… 也不……” ,毗连两个词做主语,谓语动词遵循就近原则。Neither I nor she knows the matter.【2013常州中考】He speaks ______English ______French. Instead, he speaks German. A. either; or B not only; but also C both; and D neither; nor【2013潍坊】I have two sisters, but______ of them is a teacher. A. all B. neither C. both D. none【十堰】 -Which do you prefer, a CD player or a walkman? -______. I prefer a portable computer. A. Both B. Either C. None D. Neither【2013云南中考】— Did you get the MP4 from a shop or by phone? — ____. I always like shopping online. A. None B. Neither C. Both D. All若要表达“…也不……” 则用 “Neither /Nor + be / V助 / V情 + 主” ( ) ①—The first one wasn’t bad. — __________ . A. So wasn’t the second B. So the second was C. Neither wasn’t the second D. Neither was the second ( )②– I don’t like rainy days. — ________. Rainy days always make me sad. A. Neither do I B. So do I C. Neither I do D. So I do15.In November 1979 ,pupils in England were able to watch a new TV program called Monkey. 1979年11月,英国的学生能够看一个叫《猴子》的新的电视节目。【剖析1】be able to “能够” ,后接动词原形,强调通过努力而获得的能力,可以用于种种时态。

He is / was / will be able to help you.( ) She ____ dance when she was five years old.A. are able to B. were able to C. is able to D. was able to can “能,会”,强调自身的能力,只要一般现在时或一般已往时。I could help you last night, but you didn’t come.【2012贵州】Lucy could read story book at the age of four. A. is able to B. was able to C. should D. would.【剖析2】called 被称为called=named =with the name of叫做 a boy called Tom①That’s the girl named/called Lily.= That’s the girl ___ ____ ____ Lily.I like to listen to the song _________(call) Yu Gong Moves a Mountain.16. The story says that once upon a time there was a magic rock.故事讲的是从前有一块邪术石。【剖析】once upon a time= long long ago 从前 (常用于故事的开头)17. Once upon a time, a magic rock opened (open) up and a monkey was born.从前,一个邪术石裂开了,然后一只猴子出生了。

【剖析】be born 出生 通常用于一般已往时⑴ be born in +月份/年份/ 所在 在……月/年/ 地方出生 My brother was born in Hong Kong. ⑵ be born on + 详细的某天 在……出生 He was born on a cold morning.【2012 重庆2】My friend, Henry was born __ June 10th, 1977. A. in B. on C. at D. for18. One day, it suddenly broke open and gave birth to a monkey. 一天,这个石头突然裂开了并生出一只猴子。【剖析】give birth (to sb /sth) 生孩子,产仔19. But unless he can hide his tail, he cannot turn himself into a person. 可是,除非他把自己的尾巴藏起来,否则他不能把自己酿成人。

【剖析1】hide 隐藏;潜藏【剖析2】 turn … into … 把……酿成……;把……译成……turn on 打开 could you turn on the light, please?turn off 关掉(煤气,水,电,收音机,电视机等) Don’t forget to turn off the light when you leave.turn down关小 Can you turn the TV down? I’m trying to get some sleep.turn to 翻到 Please turn to page10. It’s one’s turn to do sth 轮到某人做某事 【2013浙江舟山1】It’s time for CCTV news. Let’s ____ the TV and watch it. A. turn on B. get on C. try on D. put on【2013浙江台州】 —Would you mind ______ the music a little? Don’t you think it’s too loud? —Sorry! I’ll do it in a minute. A. turning on B. turning off C. turning up D. turning down【2013天津2】 It’s cold outside. ______ your sweater before you go out.A. Put on B. Turn on C. Put up D. Give up20. Sometimes he can make the stick so small that he can keep it in his ear.有时候他能把金箍棒变得很小以至于可以放在他的耳朵里。【剖析1】some time /sometime/some times/sometimes【口诀】:离开是一段, 合起是某时; 离开s 是倍次,合起s是有时(1) some time一段时间,做时间状语 It takes sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花费某人多长时间(2) sometime adv 在某个时候,(3) some times 名词词组,“频频,几倍” Mr. Green went to Sanya some times last summer.(4)sometimes=at times 有时 (一般现在时的标志词) ( ) I hope to visit the USA _____ in the future. A. sometimes B. some times C. sometime D. some time【剖析2】so… that… “如此…. 以致….” 引导效果状语从句 “so +adj./adv +that“ He ran so fast that I couldn’t catch him. He was so angry that he couldn’t say a word.( ) “ I’m a singer” is _____ interesting TV show ____ many people like watching it. A. so; that B. such; that C. so; as D. such; as( ) The film Kung Fu Panda is ____ interesting ____ I would like to see it again. A. such; that B. too; to C. as; as D. so ; that21. The Monkey King has excited the children of China for many years.多年来美猴王已使中国的儿童振奋不已。【剖析】excite v 使激动,使兴奋 (1) exciting adj. 令人激动的,(通常用于指物) (2) exciting adj. 感应激动的(通常用于指人) be excited about 对…… 感应兴奋 We are _____ about the ________news .(excite)②—What _____ news! --Yes. We are all _____ about it. A. exciting; exciting B. excited; excited C. exciting; excited③ This TV show is too ____. I’d rather listen to music. A. fantastic B. exciting C. boring D. interesting.【昆明中考】Going to South Africa for the World Cup makes me ____ , for I am a football fan. A. relaxed B. relaxing C. excited D. exciting22.And as soon as the TV program came out more than 30 years ago, Western children became interested in reading this story because the clever Monkey King keeps fighting to help the weak and never gives up .30 多年前,这个电视节目开播的时候,西方的孩子就对这个故事发生了兴趣,因为智慧的猴王通过不停斗争来资助弱者,而且从不放弃。

【剖析1】as soon as作“一…就”解,引导时间状语从句。As soon as I get to Beijing,I'll write to you.我一到北京,就给你写信。( ) Be sure to let Tom know the notice as soon as he ____. A. will arrive B. was arriving C. arrives D. arrived【剖析2】come out ⑴出书;刊行 When does the new book come out ? ⑵着花;出来;泛起;披露 Some flowers have begun to come out in early spring.【剖析3】more than = over 凌驾;多于(反)less than 少于no more than 不只是;不仅仅是 not more than 至多;不凌驾【2012广西玉林】— How many new desks and chairs are there in your school this year? — There are over 3,000 . Each of us has one. A. less than B. most C. more than D. as many as【剖析4】 western 西方的 east →eastern adj. 东方的 west →western adj.西方的south→southern adj.南方的 north→northern adj.北方的 eastern part 东部地域 western countries 西方国家She wants to finish a job in ________China (east).【剖析5】be / become interested in … 对……感兴趣 interest→interesting/interested 有趣的 be interested in 对…感兴趣The students are __________in these ______books.( interest)【2011凉山】I have ___ to tell you. Maybe you will be _____ in it. A. interesting something; interested B. something interesting; interesting C. something interesting; interested【2011•铜仁】The story is _________ and all of us are _______ in it. A. interest; interesting B. interesting; interest C. interested; interesting D. interesting; interested【2012山东济南】—What kind of books do you like? —I like funny storybooks. They're very_____. A. boring B. lazy C. quiet D. interesting【2013贺州1】 This movie wasn’t ______. He fell asleep half way through it. A. interesting enough B. enough interesting C. interested enough D. enough interested【2013宁波3】—What fun The Croods is! —Yeah! I like the movie, too. It's so_______. A. boring B. scary C. interesting D. sad【剖析6】the +形容词 表现一类人,作主语时,谓语动词用复数。23. As soon as the prince saw her , he fell in love with her.王子一看到她, 就爱上她了。

【剖析】fall in love with 爱上 ( ) They fell _____ love ___ each other at the first sight. A. on; with B. in; with C. of ; with D. for; of24. The prince knew that unless the girl’s foot could fit the shoe, it was the right girl. 王子知道,除非一个女孩的脚能穿上这只鞋,否则她就不是谁人他要找的女孩。【剖析】fit 适合,合身suit 合适偏重指颜色、名目或时间,食物、状况等适合fit适合偏重指巨细、尺寸合体。The shoes suit you well.这双鞋子适合你(偏重颜色、名目适合) The shoes fit you well. (偏重巨细合脚) ( ) ① It’s difficult to find a time that ____ everybody. A. suits B. fit C. suitable D. to fit( ) ②The color of your trousers doesn’t ____ your jacket. A. suit B. fit C. like D. as( )③ — Let’s go to the concert together. — I’m sorry , but I can’t go with you. The concert ____ me. A. fit B. suit C. doesn’t D. doesn’t suit25. The new couple were so happy that they couldn’t stop smiling when they got married. 这对新婚匹俦很兴奋, 以至于当他们完婚的时候,他们止不住地笑。

【剖析1】couple 一对;the couple 伉俪二人 (谓语动词通常用复数) The young couple are quarreling with each other.a couple of 两三个He told me that he’s coming to visit for a couple of weeks.他告诉我他要来观光两三周。【剖析2】couldn’t stop doing sth= couldn’t help doing sth忍不住做某事【剖析3】get married 完婚【拓展】marry v嫁娶 (1)A marry B. “A 与B完婚” Bill married Mary on January 1, 1994.(2) A and B get married = A and B are married A和B完婚get married 完婚 Kate and Tom get married last year.(3) marry A to B “ 把A 嫁给B” She married her daughter to a rich man.(4) be married to sb 与……完婚①.My aunt got_____________(marry) last year.②.When did Sue and Jack___________(完婚).【2013黑龙江】Catherine got married ____ a policeman twenty years ago. A. with B. for C. to D. /【2013四川雅安】He _____ for ten years. A. has been married B. married C. got married D. has married1. Two brothers came to the city to make special clothes for the emperor. 两兄弟来到这个都会给外洋编织特此外衣服。【剖析】make sth. for sb.为某人制作某物 = make sb. Sth I make a cake for my daughter.( ) On Mother’s Day , she usually makes a card ___ her mother. A. for B. to C. with D. byGretel heard this, and Hansel made a plan to save himself and his sister. 格雷特听到这个,韩塞尔制定了一个计划来救自己和他的妹妹。

【剖析】 make a plan to do sth 制定计划去做某事 make a plane for sth 为了某事而制定计划【拓展】plan→ planning → planned v/n 计划【注意】plan 的已往式,已往分词,现在分词都要双写n make a plan for 为……制定计划 plan to do sth 计划做某事= plan on doing sth( ) We have been planning ____ a bridge. A. build B. to build C. building D. to building【湖北·咸宁】 — I hear you have to run for half an hour every day.— Right. It is one of the _____ in my school. A. choices B. plans C. hobbies D. rules3. The wife told her husband that unless he left the children to die in the forest,the whole family would die. 妻子告诉她的丈夫,除非他把孩子丢在森林里等死,否则全家都得死。【剖析】whole 全部的;整体的【辨析】whole/all(1) whole adj. 整个的,全部的 ,用于冠词之后 the whole country 全国 the whole school 全校(2) all adj. 全体的,全部的 用于冠词和所有其他限定词之前常用词组:above all 首先,最重要的是 not… at all 一点也不 all the time 一直 all over the world 广泛全世界 first of all 首先【记】词条寄义与限定词和名词连用的顺序后接词whole强调“完整性”限定词+ whole +名词团体名词或可数名词单数all强调“总量”All + 限定词+名词可数名词复数或不行数名词 ( ) I had to look after my little brother _____.A. the whole morning B. whole the morning C. the all morning D the morning all4. Did you hear our stepmother planning to kill us?你听见我们的继母计划杀了我们吗?【剖析】hear sb. doing sth 听到某人做某事hear sb. do sth 听见某人做某事, 表现听到的全历程be heard to do sth 被听到做某事【2013甘肃白银3】— George was heard ____ just now. What happened? — People was telling a joke. A. to cry B. cry C. to laugh D. laugh5. Don’t eat it until you get to the forest. 直到你们到森林之后才气吃。【剖析1】not … until …直到……才……【2013山东临沂2】Please hold on to your dream _____one day it comes true. A. if B. until C. unless D. though【2013山东青岛3】If you have trouble pronouncing these words, you can repeat them over and over again ______ you are comfortable with them. A. unless B. if C. until D. while【2013内蒙古】 _______ you told me,I had heard nothing of what happened. A. Until B. Though B. When D. If 【2013湖南长沙】 —It’s too late. I have to go now. —Oh, it’s raining outside. Don’t leave _____ it stops. A. since B. until C. while【剖析2】get to 到达【拓展】get → got→ gotten v 获得get to +所在=arrive in/at +所在=reach+所在get on 上车 get up 起床 get used to 习惯于 get along with sb 与某人相处融洽 get together相聚【2013四川广安】 —When will the plane _____Shanghai? —Sorry,I don’t know.A. get B. arrive at C. reach【2013江苏苏州】 I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we ____ just fine together.A. get along B. get up C. get away D. get off6. Unless I do , we’ll be lost.我要是不这么做,我们将会迷路。

【剖析1】unless unless = if … not 除非…… ,如果不(引导条件状语从句)( ) I won’t take part in Julie’s birthday party ___ I am invited. A. unless B. after C. because D. if【2013日照】 Don’t come into the lab ________ you are asked to. A. unless B. until C. because D. since【2013盐城】12.Learning to write is learning to think. You don’t know things clearly _______ you can write them down. A. unless B. if C. since D. whether【剖析2】be lost 迷路 He was lost 他迷路了。7. What a long time you lost in the forest! 你们在森林里睡了这么久!【叹息句】 What (a / an) + adj. + n. + 主 + 谓!How + adj. / adv. +主 + 谓!( ) ①. _____ beautiful hat she is wearing! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a ( ) ②. ______ kind the old man! A. What B. What a C. How a D. How ( ) ③. _____ unusual day ! A. What a B. What C. What an D. How【2013黔西南】 —_____________beautiful skirt ! —Thank you . A. What B. What a C. How D. How a 【2013云南】 ________ exciting sport it is to go bike riding! A. What a B. What an C. What D. How【2013黄石】______ fun it is to have ice cream in hot summer! A. What a B. How C. What D. How a。



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